Hello world! Today we are excited to introduce Recogni. We are an autonomous vehicle technology company, working for the past year and a half to improve processing efficiency and help auto manufacturers make autonomous vehicles a reality.

Since our founding in 2017, we set out to revolutionize perception processing for Level 2+ autonomous vehicles. Recogni’s Vision Cognition System will efficiently solve the endpoint inferencing problem associated with autonomous cars and change the trajectory of full level 3, 4, and 5 autonomy entirely. Our founders all have extensive industry experience in AI, vision science, system, software, and silicon design.

Today, autonomous vehicles have hit the processing efficiency wall and are unable to transition to Level 3 autonomy and beyond. Recogni is focused on creating high-performance and low-power AI processing to help make autonomous vehicles a reality. Our system identifies small objects – like traffic lights – from over 200m away in realtime. Unlike LiDARs and RADARs, Recogni can tell you if the lights are red, yellow or green because it works on imaging data. The Recogni Vision Cognition System uses a diverse set of image sensors to identify significantly smaller objects at a much larger distance compared to competitors, while consuming a fraction of power.

In the 2024 timeframe, we will start seeing AI systems that will make robotic taxis feasible from both a cost and capability perspective. Personally-owned self-driving cars will follow in another year or two. This is possible because the Recogni system tackles the most significant computation problem that remains unsolved. As cars will be doing the actual driving, they will need vast amounts of computation power at very high efficiency. Even if you get clever with the slew of current accelerator architectures, the vehicle is still consuming tens of kilowatts of energy, which is a nonstarter already. Recogni technology will change that entirely and get the work done for the entire car in less than 100w, while processing the tsunami of data in realtime.

We are thrilled to share with everyone our approach to perception processing – identifying where the bikes and pedestrians are in realtime, faster and farther than any competitor in the market. Today we also announced $25 million in Series A financing led by GreatPoint Ventures, along with participation from Toyota AI Ventures, BMW i Ventures, Faurecia (one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies), Fluxunit (VC arm of lighting and photonics company OSRAM), and DNS Capital. Recogni plans to use the funds to build a world-class engineering team and deliver the most capable inferencing system to the autonomous car industry. We are currently in discussion with multiple auto manufacturers to provide them a full suite of enabling technology, from modules to software.

We will continue to share milestones on our current path to making autonomous driving efficient and safe.

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