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Recogni Receives Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Technology Innovation Leadership Award

Recogni Receives Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 Technology Innovation Leadership Award

Recogni Scorpio Identified as Best-in-Class in the Global Autonomous

Vehicle System-on-Chip Industry

San Jose, Calif. – November 21, 2023 – Recogni Inc., the leader in AI-based processing for autonomous vehicles, announced today that its inference solution for autonomous mobility has been given the Frost & Sullivan 2023 Technology Innovation Leadership Award. Frost & Sullivan identified Recogni’s Scorpio not only as the best-in-class autonomous vehicle system-on-chip, but also as the first solution of its kind in the global automotive industry.

“With the automotive industry’s increasing focus on vision-based safety systems, combined with OEMs’ push for new electrical or electronic architecture that uses state-of-the-art computing,

Recogni is poised to make a big impact in this market with its innovative and technologically advanced product,” said Kamalesh Mohanarangam, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Research Manager at Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Innovation Leadership Award recognizes the company that has introduced the best underlying technology for achieving remarkable product and customer success while driving future business value. When evaluating contenders for this award, Frost & Sullivan acknowledged Recogni’s position at the forefront of reshaping the mobility landscape and its visionary approach to delivering unparalleled inference performance through cutting-edge processing technology.

Through the seamless integration of Scorpio’s capabilities, Recogni establishes itself as a pivotal contributor to enhancing the efficiency and practicality of EVs. The ability to significantly increase the driving range directly addresses one of the primary concerns of EV range anxiety.

Recogni is a pioneer in vision-oriented AI systems. With a focus on enabling vehicles to perceive, decide, and act in ways that surpass human capabilities while prioritizing energy efficiency, the company is a vanguard of pursuing safer, more efficient, and sustainable transportation systems. This approach has proven instrumental in achieving exceptional object detection and classification accuracy. Its Scorpio Al Processor solution empowers autonomous driving (AD) systems to make highly informed and precise driving decisions.

Crafted to cater to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and AD, Scorpio redefines the landscape of vision-based automotive technologies by amalgamating unparalleled processing prowess with diligent energy management. Recogni’s machine learning models possess a remarkable capability beyond mere object identification within videos. These models have been designed to discern and classify objects while accurately ascertaining their precise positions and distances.

By leveraging advanced algorithms and techniques, Recogni’s models can analyze complex visual data from various sources. This intricate analysis enables users to recognize objects and generate essential spatial information. This includes pinpointing the location of detected objects within the frame and calculating their relative distances from the camera’s viewpoint. Recogni’s innovative approach challenges the norm and sets a new standard for efficiency in AI inference processing. By combining accurate computing with efficient power usage, Recogni paves the way for improved accuracy while redefining the relationship between computing power and performance. Through these novel strategies, Recogni demonstrates its commitment to pushing innovation boundaries and making a real impact across industries and applications.

With an unparalleled reputation for power efficiency, superior perception capabilities, and

unprecedented processing speed, Frost & Sullivan noted that Recogni will redefine the course of autonomous driving. Its vision promises a future where safe, efficient, and sustainable mobility is an imminent and tangible reality.

“We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award from Frost & Sullivan as further validation of the superior performance of our solution,” said Marc Bolitho, CEO of Recogni. “The need for autonomous capability is growing rapidly across all forms of transportation, and Recogni is committed to providing the most powerful, purpose-built solutions for autonomous mobility, regardless of use case.”

About Recogni

Recogni provides exceptional vision-based perception processing to Autonomous Driving platforms addressing high compute, low latency, and low power consumption. The company was founded in 2017 with offices in San Jose California and Munich Germany.  Lead investors are GreatPoint Ventures, Celesta Capital, Mayfield, DNS Capital, as well as notable automotive OEM and tier 1s including BMW iVentures, Toyota Ventures, Bosch, Continental, Forvia and FluxUnit-OSRAM Ventures. For more information, please visit

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