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Enabling ADAS to Autonomy

The World’s Most Robust Vision Inference System

Highest Performing Perception Inference

The world’s first Peta-Op class inference solution. With this performance, we enable superhuman object detection accuracy up to 1000m in real-time under various road and environment conditions, with our ability to process multiple streams of ultra-high resolution & very high frame rate cameras.

Lowest Latency

From last pixel out to perception results, it takes less than 10 milliseconds. This provides ample reaction time for the car to navigate safely.

Best-in-class Power Consumption

Best-in-class Power Consumption

We are 10-20 times more power efficient than competing solutions. We enable the flexible design of vehicles and minimize the impact on driving range.

Best-in-class Power Consumption

Unrivaled Perception

Enabled with a combination of Peta-Op class performance, industry-lowest latency & jitter, & industry-highest power efficiency.

Built For Any Scenario

A combination of real world & synthetic data is essential for state-of-the-art perception. One of the benefits of utilizing synthetic data is our ability to augment & enhance real world data.

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Enabling ADAS to Full Autonomy