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Enabling ADAS to Autonomy

The World’s Most Robust Vision Inference System

– Highest performing
– Lowest Latency
– Best-in-class power consumption

The World’s Most Robust Vision Inference System

Highest Performing Perception Inference

The world’s first Peta-Op class inference solution. With this performance, we enable superhuman object detection accuracy up to 1000m in real-time under various road and environment conditions, with our ability to process multiple streams of ultra-high resolution & very high frame rate cameras.

Lowest Latency

Best-in-class Power Consumption

From last pixel out to perception results, it takes less than 10 milliseconds. This provides ample reaction time for the car to navigate safely.

Best-in-class Power Consumption

Best-in-class Power Consumption

We are 10-20 times more power efficient than competing solutions. We enable the flexible design of vehicles and minimize the impact on driving range.

Unrivaled Perception

Enabled with a combination of Peta-Op class performance, industry-lowest latency & jitter, & industry-highest power efficiency.

Built For Any Scenario

A combination of real world & synthetic data is essential for state-of-the-art perception. One of the benefits of utilizing synthetic data is our ability to augment & enhance real world data.

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