Deep analysis of leading edge, multi-modal AI workloads guides every aspect of Recogni's universal AI engine design

Our innovations enable our highly scalable accelerators to achieve the best power efficiency, highest compute density, and lowest total system cost.

Recogni relentlessly innovates so you can deliver your next big thing faster.

Model Development

AI cloud

  • Train your own AI models or leverage Recogni’s pretrained models
  • Use Recogni’s SDK to quantize & compile trained AI models onto Recogni’s AI inference accelerator
  • Utilize Recogni’s bit-exact profiling tools to accurately predict, evaluate & optimize performance
Model Conversion


  • Achieve high accuracy with push-button PTQ conversion and 100% ONNX operator support
  • Easily map large multi-modal models across multiple accelerators
  • Observe the impact of design choices with Recogni’s intuitive profiler
Model Deployment

AI accelerator

Recogni's purpose-built universal inference engine (UIE) is the most optimized architecture for accelerating AI inference workloads​.

  • Fully optimized hardware and software architecture, co-designed from the ground up, to optimally accelerate the most commonly used multi-modal AI workloads
  • Balanced system with the most flexible, power efficient design, with the industry’s highest compute density
Model Deployment

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