Empowering the future of AI innovation

Our purpose-built solutions open new opportunities for differentiation in the transformation to the Software Defined Vehicle.  Designed to accelerate your end-to-end, full-stack AI compute needs with broad scalability, highly efficient compute, and a user-friendly ecosystem to deliver the lowest total system cost.  You can be confident that your AI investment is future proof for tomorrow's large multi-modal workloads.

Growth in automotive AI workloads offers unprecedented opportunities for market innovation and differentiation.

Monolithic SoCs are scaling with an unsustainable impact on system cost, energy usage, and development lead-times.

Purpose-built, broadly-scalable and highly efficient AI compute solutions are needed to decouple and future proof your AI innovation.

HUD augmented reality
Ultra-low latency natural language processing and large language model

Recogni's universal AI engine was developed to meet the future needs of automotive at the lowest system cost.

Designed to meet customer needs
  • Highest compute density and efficiency
  • Scalability across market segments and autonomy levels
  • Support for transformers and all automotive AI models
  • Standard workflows, bit-accurate simulation, push button conversion, and AI model zoo


better power efficiency


longer EV range


higher compute density

Our product

Recogni enables customers to future proof AI innovation and make the most of growth opportunities.

Next-generation automotive AI processor

Meets the end-to-end, full stack AI needs of automotive

350 TFLOPS of AI compute at <15W

CNN, transformer and LVM capable
100% ONNX support
High utilization across a wide range of networks

AI SDK enables easy PTQ conversion

Easily scale to 1400 TFLOPS with multiple processors
Future proof for models in excess of 10B parameters

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