Intelligent Autonomy

Enabling Intelligent Autonomy through highly-efficient AI vision processing

Recogni's purpose-built AI vision processing solutions make the benefits of real-time object detection and classification accessible across a wide range of industries.  Our leading performance and low energy consumption enable you to address current problems and open new possibilities for innovation.

Intelligent Autonomy requires a deeper understanding of the environment to address critical challenges and open new opportunities.

Better vision processing is needed to automate manual tasks and enable innovation which can address the challenges of labor availability and productivity, operational downtime, resource conservation, environmental sustainability, and safe operation.

AI processing solutions require multiple image sensor inputs with high performance, low latency, and low energy use to avoid costly liquid cooling and extend operating range.

Smart manufacturing

Recogni's AI processing solutions are purpose-built to provide high performance at low power.

Designed to meet customer needs
  • Purpose-built for highest compute density and efficiency
  • Multi-stream image sensor input with high performance and low latency
  • Standard workflows and bit-accurate simulation
  • Recogni model zoo with vision processing models
  • No need for liquid cooling
  • Lowest total system cost


better power efficiency


processing latency


higher compute density

Our products

Recogni enables customers to open the opportunities of Intelligent Autonomy


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Scalable from 150 to 1000 TFLOPS of AI compute

Processes multiple high-resolution image sensors at up to 30 frames per second

Under 10 ms latency from last-pixel-in to perception-out

Efficiency up to 40 TFLOPS per watt


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AI inference card gives developers access to Scorpio's benefits

Compatible with x86 and ARM host processors

Standard form factor with four industry standard image sensor inputs

Enables rapid deployment of AI workloads

AI development platform

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Provides flexibility, ease-of-integration, and the ability to scale

Bit-exact simulation

PTQ and QAT training methods to optimize models for best accuracy

Leverage Recogni model zoo and design guidelines

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