Recogni Announces SDK for Autonomous Driving Solutions

Published on
May 4, 2023
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Fully programmable system for autonomous driving applications significantly increases compute capacity while reducing power consumption and system complexity

 Recogni Inc. the leader in AI-based processing for autonomous vehicles, today announced software development kit (SDK) for the Phoenix ADAS/AD High Performance Computer. Phoenix has unmatched processing capability and scalability from 150 to 2000 TOPS in combination with low latency and low power consumption for L2 to L4 autonomous vehicles. Now, customers can have a full hardware/ software system to efficiently manage the processing requirements of autonomous vehicles.

"Autonomous driving capabilities are being developed for a wide range of mobility use cases - from passenger vehicles and trucking, to robotics and aviation," said Marc Bolitho, CEO of Recogni. "Each of these use cases requires specific programming and functionality, but one common requirement is having high compute with low power consumption. High compute, low power, and low latency remain strong pillars for mass adoption of autonomous mobility, and Recogni's Phoenix and SDK is a key enabler to make this a reality. We are proud to be the first autonomous driving system on the market that can offer such a highly customizable, high performance system."

The Recogni SDK will give customers the software tools necessary to port their AI perception networks and autonomous driving functions to the Phoenix platform, enabling them to significantly increase their compute capacity while reducing power consumption and system complexity. Recogni's SDK enables customers to unleash the compute power of Scorpio and implement autonomous driving applications while overcoming a myriad of compute bottlenecks in existing systems.

The Recogni SDK will be available in Q3 of this year.

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